Xavi Ortiz
Xavi Ortiz

I can help you prepare whatever kind of ceremony you would like, according to any tradition and with the appropriate costume. It is your ceremony and, of course, has to be conducted as you wish.

I would like to explain to you how a “normal” ceremony is conducted and the type of things that can be included.

The ceremony takes place in exactly the same way as if it were conducted by a city councillor. That is to say that no one would be aware that I am not an official registrar. I read from the Spanish Constitution and some sections from the Civil Code – although this can be omitted if you wish. I then give a short speech about how nice it is to fall in love and the fact that you wish to share this with your friends and family. (In short, an exaltation of love as the maximum feeling between two people.) How this feeling unites the couple and not only them but also their families and friends. It is a short but affectionate and moving speech.

It is possible that you may like one of your guests to say a few words or sing a song or participate in some other way during the ceremony. If that is the case, please let me know and it can be included. At the appropriate point in the ceremony I can give way to the person or persons so that they can play their part.

I also read a short text or a poem and I will send you my favourites so that you can choose one (or the ones) you wish to include and I will read them with pleasure. If you wish me to include any other text, please do not hesitate to send it to me and I will be happy to oblige.

If you are in agreement, I could also explain something about the way you came to meet each other. Sometimes, such anecdotes are amusing and, if you wish, it could be nice to share them with your guests.

There is also a nice ritual called “the candle of your wedding” that can be included if you agree.

I also like to use a short poem titled “The promise of the ring” that I have printed on a sheet of real parchment that makes it all the more beautiful. At the end of the ceremony, you and the witnesses can sign this as a souvenir and a reminder of your wedding day.